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התחתנתי עם קטין. על רקע אדום._准备先生.._edi

Odelia Lin Dipl.Ac


I began researching about Chinese medicine at 2000, when I

searched for effective ways to treat mental illnesses.
At 2012 I finished my 4 year program in Chinese medicine in Israel,

then I specialized in a hospital that integrates conventional

medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, in Zhejiang Province,

China. In the Chinese hospital I specialized in acupuncture and herbal

medicine, gynecology, endocrinology, neurology, orthopedics and pediatrics.

I am a certified therapist from the Israeli Association for Traditional

Chinese Medicine and Reidman college.

In addition, I'm a certified Shiatsu practitioner since 2010 - a method that has been proven to be successful.
I worked as part of the Complementary Medicine team at the HMO in 2011.
After my two children were born, I decided that it was time to specialize in pediatrics, and I took few specializing courses, including Shonishin, which is a Japanese treatment method for children and infants without needles.
I use Chinese nutrition for a variety of problems, and I prepare personalized herbal prescriptions for each patient.
In addition to the mentioned treatment methods, I use Biorgonomy, Recall healing and other methods for deepening the connection between body, mind and soul.

I use advanced and integrated treatment methods:
Dr. Tan Acupuncture - Orthopedic Problems
Shonishin Japanese Medicine for babies and children
Cosmetic acupuncture
The turtle acupuncture from China for the treatment of internal diseases
PTSD and anxiety
Shiatsu and pregnant women
Awareness and personal progress with biorgonomy and Recall healing



Digestive system
Chinese diet
immune system
Traumas and anxieties
Child care
Women - pregnancy and after birth
Gynecological problems
Chinese Herbs
Fatigue and obesity

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